What Is Suboxone Detox?

What Is Suboxone Detox?

Suboxone detox is a treatment to counter the ill effects of withdrawing from opiate addiction. Opiates are drugs such as heroin, methadone and painkillers. Suboxone detox is very effective in treating this kind of addiction because it is designed to eliminate or lessen the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates.

Since substances that fall under the category of opiates are deemed powerful because of their direct effect to the brain receptors of the user, the need for a specific medication is crucial for treating this. Suboxone replaces or overrides the placement of opiates in the brain itself. It literally kicks the opiates out of the brain system.

Suboxone is a combination of two drug components. One is called Buprenorphine, which is very similar to narcotic drugs like heroin and morphine, and the other is Naloxone which will aid in reversing the effects of opiates in case of an overdose. With this powerful combination, withdrawal symptoms from opiate usage will be eradicated or diminished significantly. That is why Suboxone is an effective detox treatment for opiate addiction.

Many people nowadays are resorting to drug abuse of some kind. But more and more drug dependents are becoming hooked on opiates. Addictive pain medications are predominantly opiates and that is why more people who are abusing these substances are finding reasons for the need to take more of these. Probably at some point in their lives they had undergone some treatment for pain and later on developed an addiction towards opiates.

Or it could be the knowledge that opiates or opioids can give a very strong after effect or high, such as the feeling of euphoria, sedation and less sensitivity to pain. Therefore a drug abuser of opiates is  in a euphoric state and they feel invincible and strong because these are the sensations that opiates can deliver to them. Actually the target of opiates is the brain receptor cells which makes them a powerful narcotic drug. They are so powerful that they need a powerful medication to counter the negative effects to the brain.

With the modern technology today in the field of medicine, Suboxone was produced. This medication is very effective in reversing the intense withdrawal symptoms mostly associated to opiate abuse. Suboxone will control the urge for another hit of an opiate because its main action is to take the place of opiates in the brain; it is overriding and overpowering it. While doing this it is also controlling the symptoms of withdrawal.

This detox treatment is highly effective and safe since it will be under a physician’s supervision. A patient upon consultation will be asked to visit the doctor’s clinic for the initial detox treatment. Upon the evaluation of the doctor, the patient can continue with this treatment program in the comfort of his home, without disrupting his usual day to day routine like working or schooling. It is taken once a day, preferably in the morning prior to any daily activity. Suboxone is very easy to use and can be a part of your daily routine whether you have a career or are going to school. It is a total practical solution to your addiction to opiates.

If you or you know someone who is still living behind the shadow of opiate abuse, then it is about time to consider getting the help that is needed. There is always hope against addiction. Ask your doctor about Suboxone. You will be very capable to win the battle against your drug addiction problem through the Suboxone detox treatment option. You can then regain life back and rebuild it. You can do it and you can even get started today.