Preparing For Suboxone Detox

Preparing For Suboxone Detox

Millions of people now around the world are victims of drug or substance abuse. We are now living in a fast paced society that is being bombarded with negativity from the daily news and stresses of daily living.That is why more and more people are resorting to drug abuse. This a sad reality that our society is facing today. The problem of drug abuse is not only the concern of the individual user but also it gravely affects the ongoing relationships of the abuser. Thus making the issue of drug abuse a universal concern of society.

Hopefully there is a possibility of getting out from the darkness of drug abuse, or at least some nice progress. An individual who has been a drug user for a long time can now have a chance to regain his life and rebuild the relationship destroyed by his drug addiction. Suboxone detox is a specific treatment for opiate and painkiller addiction. If you or someone you know is hooked on these kind of substances, then a Suboxone detox is one of the best ways to treat this addiction problem.

Before going to any detox program such as this you must have the proper information on how to prepare yourself for the detox treatment. Having the vital information about the things you must do or not do before or even during the treatment is essential to prepare you mentally and physically for the things that you will be undergoing during this period.

First, you should commit your time by dedicating a whole day for the initial treatment at your doctor’s office. The initial treatment is important for your doctor to have the proper assessment of what will transpire during this initial phase. He will then take note of your reactions to the first dose and this will give him information on what to choose for the other consecutive doses.

The first treatment will consist of several dosages of Suboxone. During this period you might expect to feel some sweats, chills and some stomach cramps. These withdrawal symptoms are positive indications that Suboxone is working accordingly. Suboxone is now taking over the place of the opiates in your brain system thus some feelings of withdrawal are occurring. These symptoms are going to go away after about 30 minutes of the first dose of Suboxone. Afterwards you will feel better.

When the doctor has an idea about the correct dosage of Suboxone, the detox program will be at a home setting. It is advisable to take this medication at an exact time, preferably during the morning upon waking up because Suboxone could bring forth a burst of energy and taking it before bedtime will affect one’s sleeping pattern. There might be a feeling of normalcy after the first week of taking Suboxone but this should not stop you from continuing your treatment.

It is best to have professional counseling. Your doctor might recommend you one. This will help you better understand what you are going through during this process. Counseling will help strengthen your convictions to resist any desire to go back to drugs. During this period of treatment it is also advisable to avoid friends who are still using drugs.

Avoiding temptation in the first place is effective in resisting the urge to get back to drug use again. Make sure you are available for your regular appointment with your doctor, he needs to carefully evaluate your progress. Commitment is a key to recovery as well as discipline. Having your mind and body prepared for your Suboxone detox treatment is a great contributing factor for your success to get well and start rebuilding your life.