Is Suboxone Detox Painful?

Is Suboxone Detox Painful?

Any drug treatment usually comes with certain painful side effects. These vary from one treatment method to another. The Suboxone detox treatment is not an exception when it comes to some level or degree of pain which is usually associated with the withdrawal symptoms of the previous drug that was being abused and the incoming onset of pain associated with detox treatment. Just like any other detox treatment, the pain incorporated with the use of Suboxone is somewhat unavoidable. Of course there are certain side effects that go along with it.

If you are using Suboxone as part of your detox treatment program against the use of opiates you will have to know how this medication will affect your system and mental faculties. Suboxone detox as prescribed by an able physician is being given to counter and combat the ill effects of opiate and painkiller abuse. But by treating your dependency to such powerful and complicated drugs you are highly likely to experience some level of discomfort or even some degree of pain in body.

This may include nausea, headache, lack or inability to sleep, fatigue, cold sweat and chills, stomach ache and even constipation. Some Suboxone users reported issues of muscle cramps particularly in the lower extremities. These are the common pain associated with the use of Suboxone.

The feeling of being tired or having fatigue is quite bothersome for others. Some complained of lack of energy. Some may even say that they feel weak enough that they have difficulty doing some of even the most mundane stuff of daily living. Just bear in mind that the feeling of being tired is temporary and should only last for about a few weeks or so.

In order to have the energy you need to keep you going and lessen the feeling of tiredness, the best plan is to get yourself in an exercise regimen. In that way you will regain your strength and vitality. Focusing your mind on physical exercises is a sure way to keep your mind off of using and energizing  your body.

It is also beneficial to take vitamins or supplements to relieve you from fatigue and to give you a boost of energy to make your life more manageable. Also, with the issue of lack of sleep you may do some simple exercises which you will need to do regularly to set the phase for your evening rest. Please ask and seek professional advice from your doctor about these.

The above mentioned negative effects while using Suboxone is no comparison to the side effects of the withdrawal symptoms of opioid use. That is why Suboxone is prescribed, to make it easier and more bearable for the painkiller or opiate dependent to cope with the recovery program for his drug abuse problem. Eventually these painful side effects will become lesser and lesser within a week or a few weeks time.

These negative side effects are not major enough to cause dangerous after effects. The only warning about the danger of Suboxone is that, if it is taken with other pain killers or other illicit drugs- that’s a deadly combination. It is important to take notice of excessive alcohol use during the treatment process. Be sure to follow all the instructions given by your attending physician. This will ensure your safety and success of your Suboxone detox program.

By having a thorough and detailed knowledge about the process of your recovery in step by step guidelines you would be able to find solutions to whatever type of pain is bothering you. These symptoms are only temporary. Once you have a stable dose of Suboxone, these will be just a thing of the past.