How Long Is A Suboxone Detox?

How Long Is A Suboxone Detox?

At present there is a lot of treatment options available for all types of drug addiction problems. A certain detox regimen is created to specifically target a particular drug abuse case. The kind of treatment option is carefully selected by an able physician through proper medical assessment as well as mental evaluation to come up with a perfect solution to the drug problem.

But when it comes to opiates and painkiller abuse, a Suboxone detox program is one of the most effective methods available. It is a powerful solution to combat the negative side effects of opiates on a drug addicted patient. Detoxification from opioids through the help of Suboxone is highly effective and most physicians who are capable of prescribing this powerful treatment option will consider this effective method.

The treatment method through Suboxone varies from one patient to another. A doctor will make a thorough assessment of the patient which will include the understanding of the level or degree of drug dependence to opioids. With the proper understanding of the patient’s evaluation, the physician is able to give the correct amount or dosage of Suboxone.

In the case of a patient who has a lower dependency to opioids, the usual detox treatment will last for about a few weeks up to six months. This is suitable for drug abusers who have physical dependence to pain killers or some form of opiate but are not quite yet in the addiction stage. 

While for patients who are hooked on opioids for longer periods of time and are totally dependent on them will be under the Suboxone detox treatment for about 6 months and up to three years. What is important in this treatment is the practicality and convenience for the patient and not the period or length of time a patient will go through.

The Suboxone detox treatment may be long and will require regular monthly check-ups by a physician. The commitment towards this program will ensure effective recovery to any drug dependent that uses and abuses opiates. A person addicted to opioids need not be discouraged about the period of treatment. He must focus solely on his personal commitment to get well and towards achieving his goal of full recovery.

Unlike the conventional drug recovery treatment programs, the Suboxone detox is very effective and requires minimal clinical supervision. Dosage is adjusted according to the evaluation and assessment of the attending physician. A patient undergoing this treatment will be able to continue to go about his daily routine since it is taken on a once a day basis. These are safer means to treat this drug problem.

It is truly up to the patient to decide whether the sacrifice of committing his time and effort to this program is worthwhile in reaching his desire to get off the addiction to opiates. No matter how long it will take with the help and guidance of the physician, the patient will have favorable results with a desire to recover from this type of drug addiction.

Apart from the fact that a physician will constantly monitor the drug dependent’s situation and progress while under this program, it is also vital that this patient be able to comprehend the possibility of certain side effects. It is very helpful to have full knowledge of what will transpire during the Suboxone detox treatment period.

This will prepare the state of mind and being of the patient. The treatment could last for about six months, a year or even longer up to three years, but the important matter is that a patient is on his way to recovery. With a Suboxone detox the success of recovery is just a matter of time and discipline.